Nuova Era is much more than just a holiday farm

Far away from noise and traffic, Nuova Era is the ideal place to spend a holiday in a state of utter relaxation, enjoying the depth and the sound of silence.

Nuova Era is in a lovely location in the Casentino area, at an altitude of about 930 m, in an extremely favourable position for excursions to the many destinations in the valley and in the entire region of Tuscany that are of interest because of their history, their art, their beauty or their religious importance.

In the immediate area, we find the town of Poppi, which is famous for its castle – one of the best preserved castles in Tuscany – or the lovely Romanesque church of Romena, not to mention the convent and the hermitage of Camaldoli. Nuova Era is located next to the neighbouring Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi (Casentino Forests National Park) which is famous for the size of its century-old virgin forests of chestnuts and firs, but also for the extremely diverse fauna: wolves, deer, roebuck, boar, foxes, martens, golden eagles and many other species.

It is an ideal holiday for those who wish to enjoy the good food the Tuscan countryside has to offer, but also to learn about local traditions and have an unforgettably good time.

Due to its ideal location, the farm is an excellent starting point to visit the most important “cities of art”: Florence, Arezzo, Siena, Cortona, Perugia.